Stone Workshop

We have aged an Experience that is handled from Master to Learner

Masonry Mixing adhesive
Home house exterior

Stone Landscapes

We are specializing in Exotic, European and Rare Handmade Stones.

Eco Production

Standing by Ecological Products that withstand Time and Beauty.
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Unique Design

We provide unique design for your Property, that spans from your own residence to your Loft, to your Commercial Facility, Cimitery and Church.

Natural Materials

We Suggest the most desirable Natural Materials, asoociated to their best Application by Design.

Unique Life Experience

Studies and research on social behaviors show that in recent years sensitivity towards nature has been growing. People are looking for new environments that give comfort and well-being, health and harmony.

Construction Tools

Only Natural Materials

We wanted to focus on some of the most interesting proposals in which natural materials find their place.

Eco Production

Using ecological building materials that do not harm those who live in there and significantly lowers the impact generated by external pollution.

Choosing a sustainable lifestyle means looking for well-being and giving added value to one's life.

When we talk about the environmental impact of a material we have to think about the consumption of matter and energy during all the phases of its life: from the cradle to the death. These phases are called life cycle and begin with the procurement of raw materials, their transformation into finished products, transport, packaging, energy consumption during the period of use, decommissioning or recycling.

In eco-building, architectural and technological devices are studied that give greater energy savings by improving the performance of your homes.

Impressive rocks and stones

When creating a garden, choosing the style to adopt can be a daunting task, there are really many types of possible gardens. Among the options, you might want to consider the creation of a rock garden which is certainly a fascinating alternative, but not always easily achievable given that it is a type of garden that requires suitable land, a lot of work and adequate space. In short, this type of garden is not an easy one to be created behind the house in a residential environment, but with the right precautions it is possible to create a rock garden even if the land does not have the optimal characteristics. 

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